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Yvette is known for her inventive floral designs, creative art direction and bringing a unique aspect to styling photographic shoots, weddings and events for her clients. 

  • Approach

    Yvette has a strong artistic aesthetic with an eye for quality.  For her floral work she is enthusiastic about using local, seasonal flowers from carefully researched growers and hand-made or crafted artisan products from around the world. 


    “My styling is always thoughtful and each element must have purpose and be the best possible option.”

  • Create

    Yvette started her creative career after finishing an honour’s degree at University and was drawn to work with flowers.  Winning a position with a large event florist in the UK she designed and created for National Trust properties, grand weddings, luxury events and Royal visits.


    “My floral designs evoke a sense of nature and space with loose, textured blooms and tumbling foliage.”

  • Inspiration

    Yvette’s styling incorporates her love of design, nature and the environment with inspirations from contemporary international trends and influence from her classical European beginnings. 


    “The people I work with always inspire me to be creative, they ignite new ideas and drive my passion to constantly evolve as a designer”

  • Design

    Originally from Buckinghamshire in England, Yvette now calls New Zealand home and loves the lush envorinment and creativity that surrounds her. 


    “I love using lots of organic materials in my work and mixing it with vintage, antique or quality hand-crafted objects as well as more contemporary items.”