Wilson Trollope : A Styled Shoot

As a collaborative person, I really enjoy styling shoots.  I get inspired working with others and I am always keen to get as much as I can from a client – I love bouncing ideas with them back and forth on mood boards, seeing what a day is like for them for inspiration, and scrolling through their social media to understand who they are, what their brand represents and importantly who are we trying to connect with.  With Annabelle Wilson and her fashion label, Wilson Trollope, this was where I started.  After meeting with Annabelle a few times in store, and at the recent summer collection launch, I already had a bit of an idea of who the Wilson Trollope lady was. Once I had some good questions and some visual ideas for Annabelle I met her at her Wellington pop-up store to see what she had in mind.  Annabelle had made a great start and printed off some ideas she liked and this gave us a starting point to build on.  After that, I made an ideas board and started to look for accessories and props that would tie in.


It’s nice when I get to know who I’m working with, and Annabelle is lovely.  My favourite part of our prep work for this shoot was collecting the luxury shoes and accessories from David Jones here in Wellington.  I worked with the team in store to curate a selection of pieces from each department.  We often work with antiques and rustic props, but I love contemporary, stylish design too, so it was fabulous walking around the store pulling a look together for Annabelle’s shoot.  The merchandising manager in store had recently come back to New Zealand after working in Australia and was very pleased to hear that this type of shoot work was going in Wellington.  I think we both enjoyed walking around the store imagining what a WT lady would pair with her newest garments.


Music, architecture, nature, people, art, history, fashion, magazines, and experience all inspire me as do the seasons.  For this shoot, Annabelle wanted us to style images around her Spring/Summer 2017 collection, BLUE | WHITE.  This collection was inspired by porcelain designs, water, sunsets and blush pink.


Annabelle is a sweetheart and a real Wellington darling.  She has a demure style about her, she always looks beautifully turned out, as one would expect of a fashion designer, and I think she is the perfect advert for her own business.  Working with Annabelle was really enjoyable and after a few pointers and bit of background, she encouraged me to create what I thought was visually right for Wilson Trollope.  Working with the confidence that she was familiar with and loved what I do meant I just had fun and pulled together some fabulous props to complement her gorgeous designs.  Being able to pair the mainstream luxury brands from David Jones with a New Zealand designers work really created an aspirational feel to the looks.


Each shoot, I come away adoring the brand I have been working with and what they are trying to do.  People’s stories are always so inspiring and I usually find it hard to part with all the lovely things I’ve been working with.  Apart from the Arabesque dress I went on to wear for the cover shoot for Wellington Woman, I love the pink fluffy pouch from Pedro’s Bluff that we used, and of course the shoes.  All of them!  I’d have them in my wardrobe just to recline on the sofa (remember the bit in Sex in the City where Carrie is wearing a green gown to watch TV?  Like that.)  That’s me in my dreams on a Saturday night – no, make it a Tuesday, because if I had time to be THAT glamorous, I’d be out on a Saturday.


 Another favourite was the Arabesque pencil skirt – what a gorgeous little number for your next party. If I had one lipstick to pick for this season, it would be the Guerlain lipstick we used too, Pink Me Up.  I love this classic, luxurious French brand and it’s always been a favourite of mine.


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