Wedding : Sarah and Heidi

Sometimes you fall in love with a wedding just as much as the couple have fallen in love with each other.  Usually for me it’s the perfect love story, coupled with some stunning flowers, at one of my favourite venues that does it, and this wedding was all of that.


Sarah and Heidi are from Australia and were looking to share their day with their very closest friends and family in an intimate ceremony here in New Zealand.  They chose the location after both the photographers, the talented duo of Benjamin and Elise, and I suggested taking a look at Poppies in Martinborough.  I think we all love Poppies for the stunning setting and beautifully thought out venue not to mention the wonderful owners Shayne and Poppy who welcome everyone in like friends.


I wanted to create something really beautiful for the day with Sarah’s wedding scheme in mind.  A full autumnal archway framed the ceremony and we hung a canopy of seasonal leaves and blooms above the long single dining table.  Sarah told me she loved flowers and I really enjoyed all the planning time I had with her and Heidi during our Skype sessions. When I started the planning process with Sarah, she was working at a lawyer’s office and I was touched to see that after the wedding Sarah had started her own floral design business when she got back home.


I like to think the excitement of getting married should inspire you to take flight with your dreams and not ‘settle down’ as that sounds so boring.  Sarah certainly followed her dreams by throwing in the day job and taking up floral design, and now I love following her flower adventures on Facebook and seeing where it takes her. 


Even though I’ve been doing weddings for 15 years I still find every story to be a unique one.  I guess this is why many of them are so memorable to me for many years to come…. and I hope this never changes.


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