Enjoy The Small Things In Life

Merry Christmas everyone.

Today Mr Edwards and I will be mostly enjoying time with each other and the ones we love (with a few missing of course), a delicious lunch (including a Donna Hay inspired salted caramel pavlova) and thinking of all the happy days we spend in New Zealand.  Have fun today and just enjoy all of the little things that make life and Christmas so special.

Here are my top three Christmas secrets for having a fabulous time!

It’s always difficult trying to get everything done over Christmas, I always try to just embrace it.  If you have to be up late wrapping presents, set yourself up to have a lovely night in.  Make sure you have a good film on in the background, a dinner planned that you can eat whilst you keep wrapping (our favourite is a baked cheese with garlic bread and then everything just goes in the dishwasher afterwards).


Photo Credit : Donna Hay

There is always so much food on Christmas Day.  Just plan one main meal to cook and prepare, breakfast can be light and in the evening just serve up all those scrumptious leftovers, a cheese board and we usually put out some of Mr Edwards’s famous mince pies.

There are only a few family rules in the Edwards house, one of those being, if you’re the cook you don’t wash up.  If you have spent all morning in the kitchen cooking then hand over the apron and tea towel to someone else in the afternoon.  Make sure you go and put your feet up with a nice glass of something and be the first one to have little post-lunch doze.  You deserve it !

All our very best wishes

Mr Edwards and I

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