Valentine’s Day : What to get him

I know there are those cynics out there that don’t believe in Valentine’s Day but, REALLY, shouldn’t we just see it as an excuse to tell someone you love that you love them just a little bit more – and make them feel a little bit more special?  It doesn’t have to mean spending money on flashing hearts etc., although I wouldn’t mind a neon heart for my wall like this one from Tea Pea.


I am pretty sure most of my lovely readers are ladies so rather than posting a list of what I know we are all wishing for on Valentine’s, I did some detective work at home and asked Mr. Edwards “what would a gent like you want as a gift?”  I hope you find this helpful and it makes the gorgeous man in your life feel even more loved.  Go celebrate love and the amazing man that makes everything just that bit more fabulous in your life and have fun and be creative…even make a love fool out of yourself !

yvette-in-dorryMe blowing kisses to Mr E.

If you’re struggling between buying him a gift card or organising something more personal, Mr. E assured me that personal is the way to go.  A gift card is an option if you are really stuck, but the Single Malt that I hand-picked for him after a couple of minutes discussion with the chap in Regional Wines will always be one of his favourites – or in Mr. E’s words “priceless!”  It’s the thought that counts, but a present with some sentiment that has a load of effort put into it will always make them smile – and make you feel good as the gift-giver.

impromptu-lunchImpromptu lunch date after a hard day’s work

Seeing that Mr. E is the kind of chap who likes a personal touch, I was curious if he found mementos or keepsakes to be a nice pressie.  What I discovered is that he likes to take in the real life moments more than treasuring them with a trinket.  “Simply savour every moment together.  When you have the time – just the two of you – live in the moment, take photos if you like to reminisce in years to come but just enjoy each other’s company at the time.”  I have to say I do like that he thinks that Valentine’s is about having fun together.

wharekauhauAn afternoon stroll to walk off our delicious lunch at Wharekauhau – one of our favourites

Mr. E and I enjoy making mini degustation dinners to share if we can’t make it out to one of our favorites places.  Knowing how much he likes to cook, and he’s pretty good at it to give him due credit, I wondered if a hands-on experience like a cooking class was an option or if there were any cookbooks that he would like?

“I love a good cooking class,” Mr. Edwards smiled,  “Guaranteed, you always come away with a different cooking technique or a combination of flavours you would never normally try.  Keep an eye out at Ontrays in Petone, they advertise some interesting ones.  If you find yourself frequently cooking the same thing week-in-week-out, have some fun together at Social Cooking.  They have some imaginative themes and we have done a lot of laughing when we have gone.  As for cookbooks, the new one from Dragonfly would be good, it’s one of my favourite Wellington eateries and I think I could have a go at some of their dishes.”

dragonflyDate night at the Dragonfly pop up

Wondering how much you need to spend?  Well, Mr. Edwards broke it down to help all of you ladies know, no matter how long you’ve been with your current partner.

  • Just started dating:  “Max $50.  If you know what he likes you could get something related, a few craft beers for example or a hobby associated magazine.  At the end of the day if you have made some effort that should be enough.  I always like it when Yvette surprises me with a lunch date, especially during the working week.”
  • Been dating for more than 12 months:  “Something personal is always nice.  This might be related to a hobby or something made with love.  I don’t eat chocolate but I  make an exception for some of Yvette’s handmade truffles and … just saying … whatever happened to the good old mix tape made with love? (there are modern/digital options people!)”
  • Married:  “No gift required.  Simply cook a special meal at home or go on date night somewhere you both like, make the time to just enjoy some time out together doing some of your favourite things.”  (The pre-edited version included something about all the best things you can do are free anyway – wink wink!)

A note from Mr. Edwards which I had to include because we all deserve to be with someone who thinks like this:  While I do think Valentine’s Day is a romantic day, I like to try and make time all year round to do something extra special, but I guess Valentine’s is always a good excuse – and who doesn’t like being made to feel really special now and again ?”

OK, I’m crushing on Mr. Edwards right now!  He says the sweetest things and he really is lovely to me every day.  I better get on to something for Valentine’s for him – craft beers and a subscription to a fishing magazine it is … unless I sneak some time in to make some truffles !

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