Styling : Tips For Autumn

Autumn is one of my favourite seasons.  I love dressing up during the autumn months – this time of year calls for luxurious knits, new coats, and snug boots while the end of the day calls for drawing the curtains to keep the cooler nights out and dishing up warming, satisfying dinners.  It’s time to put the garden to bed, light the fire and think about a few jobs at home now that all of the summer socialising has quieted down.

The sun sets lower at this time of year and there is a warm glow cast during the sunlight hours.  Trees start to turn with flashes of gold and red, whilst leaves fall revealing bare branches.  Although most of the lush green natives remain, this only makes the burning colours of any deciduous trees catch my eye as I drive around the city and I can’t help but enjoy the thought of some of my favourites things about the season.

I love autumn because this is the time of year that stimulates all of our senses.  I love sourcing opulent musk scents for the home, luxurious textures to touch and wrap ourselves in and intense, earthy tones to make us feel warm and I have a feeling you may as well.  I’ve put down a few of my own tips here for you to style your home for the season, bringing that warm and cosy autumnal feeling into your space.

Home styling with a $100 budget

Adding some seasonal styling to your home can be done on any budget.  If your budget is $100 or less, purchasing a scented candle with deep musky undertones and spicy highlights is guaranteed to add a touch of ambiance.  I love the DIAPHANOUS CANDLE from Curio Noir.  The full-size version is a little over budget, but they do demis that everyone can enjoy.

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Home styling with a $100 – $500 budget

Interior Decor

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If your budget is a little more, in the $100 – $500 range, consider adding some colour to your bedroom or living space.  Be brave and try something different!  I’m falling more and more onto the dark side, and if you are too, start with a small feature wall and let that dark wall draw you in over the cooler months.  Pair this new feature wall with a stylish new mirror like this one from Citta design or pop of luxurious metallic like this lamp if you still have a few pennies to put in.

Mirror Light

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Luxury Home Styling

Once in awhile, we have a little more to invest in a seasonal change-up.  I’m currently working through having our fireplace relocated and although it is a more costly project than originally planned, a friend recently reminded me “a fire makes a house a home” and this is absolutely true through autumn and winter.  Now is the perfect time to work on this before it gets too cold.  I’ve had fun picking out some gorgeous handmade tiles from Spain with a pretty crackle glaze which I will enjoy as it ages and collects soot.  We’re also knocking out a wall, the ideal job for a wet autumnal weekend … hopefully followed by mulled wine and something from Mr. E’s seasonal kitchen.  Then I’ll have fun styling and re-styling my little snug every chance I get.


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Something for Everyone

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As we are entering the months where we will all most likely spend more time at home it’s the perfect time to take in a few new plant friends.  I’m loving all the structural cactai and succulents that are appearing in home styling so why not get one of your own to nurture and enjoy whilst you spend more hours in the home.  You can get them from as little as $5 and a decent sized one will cost you around $100.  And if you need any inspiration take a peek at the lushness over at one of my favourites on Instagram – Haarkon.

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