Masterclass with me : Easter Vignette

Being from the Northern hemisphere, my intuitive feelings for Easter are quite different from what I see and experience now that I live in New Zealand.  Before I had thoughts of pretty blossoms on the trees, daffodils poking up in the garden and walks around the bluebell woods at Coton Manor.  With the arrival of spring and all the delicate blossoms, it’s probably one of the most colourful times of the year in the UK.  Now, seeing as I live in the Southern hemisphere, it’s all up-side-down to me.  Instead of spring, New Zealand is just beginning to see winter.  It still leaves me a little torn between the light spring pastels and the deep autumn tones.

None of this, of course, changes any of the fun you can have at Easter.  I think it’s always a lovely chance to get together with friends and family with the extra days off and of course eat too many chocolate Easter eggs.  Taking inspiration from the special days in the year to do something decorative at home is always fun too – I find that the house still feels a bit empty after having all the Christmas decorations packed away.  Using some simple styling principles is a great way to add a few Easter touches to home that won’t take too much time or cost you too much.  Add in some gorgeous florals and you will be set to enjoy the long weekend at home, or away, whether you’re planning on hosting a family dinner or just having a few friends and their children around for an Easter egg hunt.

Materials and Tools

  • Florist cutters
  • 4 vessels and 1 small ceramic dish (I chose all green to look like a set)
  • A small handful of blooms and 1 pampas grass
  • A tray of quail eggs (mine were from Moore Wilsons)


Step 1: First of all gather your flowers and materials and sort your blooms into piles.  I chose to use pink roses as they are my favourites, the last stem of hydrangea from my garden and little bit of solidago for some yellow.  To add a touch of Easter to my styled vignette I brought some quail eggs and picked a small head of pampas grass.


Florist’s Tip: Only buy roses that feel firm when you pinch them at the base of the bloom, this means they are fresher.  They will open in your vase at home.  Never cut hydrangea from the garden in the heat of the day and place the stems in warm water for 30mins to release air bubbles in the stem to make them last longer.



Step 2Fill your vessels with clean, tepid water.  I like to fill mine no more than half full, you don’t want to drown the stems and when you have finished, it will look more elegant.  Remove any leaves that will be below the water line and cut each stem with florist cutters at a 45-degree angle.  This makes a larger drinking surface for the stem to absorb water through.


Stylist’s Tip: The key to a simple display like this is choosing the right vessels and pairing them with the right blooms.  Try to choose a range of heights and mix your blooms.  Then pair the larger blooms with the larger vessels and the smaller blooms in the smaller ones.  As you cut your stems keep in mind that you want to accentuate the differences in heights rather than make everything the same level.



Step 3: Once you have filled all of your vases you can make up the Easter nest.  I pulled some tufts from a pampas stem and lined a small ceramic dish before carefully nestling the little quail eggs within.  I then tucked a few more tufts of pampas in so you could see more of them peeking out.

Variation: If you want to replace the quail eggs with chocolate eggs you can.  I would recommend either a plain gold or silver foil covered egg for that more stylish finish.

Easter 07

Easter 08

Step 4: Now you can style your Easter Vignette.  Put the larger vessel in place first and work around that, that way it will end up at the back and not at the front covering up your smaller vessels.

Stylist’s Tip: By using an uneven number of vessels (including the dish in my case) you will be able to create a layout that is naturally, pleasing to the eye.  Use the heights and shapes to create a rough triangle or pyramid shape.

Easter 11

Voila! You have finished, make sure you show it off and put it front and center for everyone to see.  Hopefully, the Easter bunny will appreciate it too, I am pretty sure he does exist because of a very well accounted memory of one Easter in North Wales at my grandmother’s cottage.  It was breakfast time on Easter Sunday and there had been no chocolate eggs found yet.  Whilst we were all in the kitchen there was a thumping, almost hopping, across the floor upstairs!  I ran up to find a pile of shiny foil wrapped eggs on my bed with a card from the Easter bunny.  I wasn’t that young, maybe 10, so I was trying to work this out: If everyone was in the kitchen then who bounced across the floor upstairs?  My dad still won’t tell me how they did it.

Wishing you all a very Happy Easter


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