Styling : A Summer Wedding at Sudbury

I do love a summer wedding, there is an abundance of blooms and foliages to choose from and the growers selections are at their highest.  It really gives you a feeling of anticipation as you select the florals to create the look, that this is all going to look very pretty.

I always encourage the brides I work with to celebrate the season and embrace the chosen venue in the style of the flowers they decide upon.  With this in mind Jennifer, the bride, and I worked together to design a luxurious summer scheme.  We chose pinks and blush inspired by the summer and a touch of a dark berry to tie in the tones of the men’s suiting.  The blooms I chose reflected the country setting, with foxgloves, roses, scabious and other wild and garden flowers.


When I choose the flowers for this kind of work I always have to consider the heat and probably the Wellington wind.  It’s nice to support more delicate blooms with some hardy foliage, in this case I used some colourful nandina.  I also chose this as my feature foliage as the colours match our scheme so beautifully too.  It’s one of my favourites all year round, especially in bouquets.

Jennifer wanted her bouquets to be filled with gorgeous flowers and foliage, including some of my favourites like the wild ammi, foxgloves and scabious and roses.  To create this much movement and texture you need a lot of flowers in all different shapes and sizes.


The couple, Jennifer and Adam, were gathering all their family and friends at the stunning Sudbury in Peka Peka for their big day.  Whilst the setting is naturally gorgeous, we decided on some florals and soft tulle to decorate the large pergola there, some country buckets to line the aisle and some bundles tied to the end of the french antique chairs.  It all looked so pretty and really flowery and as it was my last job on the day I could feel the excitement building as the groom arrived.

We also used metres and metres of the softest tulle to add some romance to the strong structural shape of pergola, something can be mimicked at home with enough planning.  I tied this back with a hand torn blush silk.  I was so happy with how it looked and moved in the breeze and it ensured the floral tie backs stood out more too.  You could easily do something like this at home in the garden using some panels of fabric.  It would be great for a summer soiree or use something for colour for a bedouin Moroccan theme.



When it came time to style the reception, I was excited that Jennifer wanted an eclectic look on the long tables in the stables.  She asked if I had any pottery I could add in, and luckily I had been busy collecting little vintage pieces, so they were the first time for me to use these.  Making up these curated collections takes time and lots of charity shop hunting.  It’s something I love to do, especially on a day out of town.  The one pictured here is German pottery with a very feminine glaze and the other a brass vase from another collection of mine.  I still need more of both of these, there were over 100 vases at this wedding.

To create a romantic, country look like this at home the key is curating the right selection of vessels and to get as much variety in the flowers and foliage as you can.  I always feel that a little bit from the garden really makes this look and it’s hard to do it with just commercial or supermarket bought flowers.  You could always buy some roses and then mix in a few garden cuttings, the wild yellow fennel growing about the city always works really well.



Our favourite part is hearing the stories of how the day went, the compliments on the styling or hearing a tale about the flowers.  For Jennifer and Adam, they found they had so many beautiful flowers that it also meant that there were plenty for us to bundle up into gift bouquets for them to give away later at their farewell lunch.

Planning and preparing an event like this one is always special to me, but this type of intensive on site work takes extra planning and care.  You need to make sure you have everything with you and allow enough time to be creative whilst not having it baking in the sun and looking tired before the ceremony.

It always gives me a few butterflies, even after all these years, but it’s always worth it.


Photo Credit : Candy Capco

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