Wedding : Wiremu and Rebecca

I met Rebecca at our first wedding consultation, she had contacted me about doing her flowers and styling for her upcoming wedding.  She and the groom, Wiremu, had lots of friends and family getting married recently, so they wanted to make sure everything was going to live up to the expectations of their guests.  I must admit, I hear this a lot from brides and I know it can feel a bit overwhelming in the beginning identifying what your style is, knowing what you want to achieve and keeping an eye on what’s going to work in with the budget.



With so many personal touches to include in the wedding, such as inspiration taken from Maori culture and their own family traditions, we all started working towards having something that reflected those details but also felt like it suited the wedding style.

I was honoured that Rebecca and Wiremu chose me to do their flowers and I enjoyed learning about the culture as we went along.  In some cultures there are specific flowers and foliages with meanings, so I checked this all out to make sure we wouldn’t offend or include something insensitive.  We wanted to use lots of ferns, texture and native foliages mixed with simple white flowers and textures to create something that was delicate, detailed and reflected their New Zealand heritage.




It was lovely to see Rebecca and Wiremu include cultural traditions in their wedding in a very modern way.  They blended both of their family’s history so beautifully, even having a Scottish piper lead the guests from the church to the Marae for the reception, where they exchanged a traditional Maori greeting and later stirred up even more emotion with a Haka performed by guests at the wedding.


You can be so fortunate to have a family history with traditions that can be included in a wedding –  it’s a way to make it truly unique to you.  I just adore these pictures and had so much fun working on this wedding with these lovely people.


Photography by FineLine Wedding Photography

One thought

  1. ..Nice realization for the floral depiction and cultural element for this great day – I’m sure the happy couple will re-visit the images of the colourful environment created by Yvette with sweet memories during their journey through life together.


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