Home Comfort : Winter Botanicals

Winter has truly set in for us now in Wellington, although the days have been mostly crisp and clear, the evenings have definitely been darker and chilly.  It’s through the winter months that it seems I am even more thankful for that little bit of green inside my home that indoor plants bring.  It also makes coming home in the evenings to a dark house a little more inviting, like a friend is waiting to greet you.

Haarkon Yvette Edwards 01

Indoor plants truly add life and a breath of fresh air to your home or any space.  In Feng Shui, plants are known to counteract negative energy and help the resident to connect with the outside world.  For most Kiwi’s, being outside is par for the course, but a Wellington winter’s day can deter even the most outwardly bound of us.  Having a few indoor plants can help to balance excess moisture in rooms as well help to clean the air we are breathing.  So having a few carefully chosen botanical specimens can be part of making a home healthier, and certainly prettier.

Haarkon Yvette Edwards 02

If you are thinking of adding some houseplants to your space, here are a few guidelines for taking care of them in the winter and few pictures from one of my favorite plant collectors to inspire you.  If you are new to plants or want some specific help then come and see me at my studio 9A Tory Street, Wellington.  We have most of the plants pictured and can help you choose the right one for your space.

Haarkon Yvette Edwards 03

Light:  Through the seasons the amount of light that comes in and the direction of sunlight can change dramatically.  Check that each plant is in the correct position, it might mean moving things around to make sure it’s in a happy spot.

Watering:  Most indoor plants need regular watering so that they don’t dry out but through the winter your plants will need much less water than in summer.  Some may even only need watering every few weeks instead of weekly so it pays to check how damp each of your plants actually likes to be.

Haarkon Yvette Edwards 04

Grooming:  Whilst your plant is having a rest over the winter it can be a good time to re-pot, refresh the soil and do a little pruning.  Take off any damaged leaves and make sure you clear the top of the soil from any debris to discourage mould and fungus.

Feeding:  Most plants will enjoy a bit of down time over the winter so you can stop fertilizing.  Start again in the Spring when your plant is looking to have a growth spurt.

Haarkon Yvette Edwards 05

Photography Credits: @Haarkon

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