Botanical Harmony : A Collaboration with Virginia Woods-Jack

One thing I’ve learned over the years after being a part of so many weddings, is that a lot of time goes into making a wedding everything you want it to be.  From organising your dress to finding a venue, from sorting travel arrangements to invitations, there’s a lot to do and plan for.

Creating wedding florals means that I get to be one of the “fun” parts of a bride’s checklist, and it’s one of the things I love about what I do.  Beautiful blooms can be a real highlight of a wedding because they are not only there to add ambiance and decor, but they tie all of the styling details together.  There is also the chance to include a favourite or sentimental bloom or perhaps the blooms you have for your wedding will become your favourites. 


Last year, I began a collaboration with photographic artist Virginia Woods-Jack to create one-off pieces of art that capture the beauty of the flowers a bride chooses for her special day.  Some brides I know have dried their arrangements or attempted to press blooms either from their bouquet or a buttonhole, but it’s hard to keep the colours vivid and make something that will last.


Virginia had been working on a botanical series and had the idea to create something that would be really special and stand the test of time and asked me if this could be done with wedding florals.  After putting our heads together on how we could do this, what would it look like and how we could create an heirloom for people to cherish, we launched Botanical Harmony.  For each commission we create individual works of art from wedding flowers so that when the dust settles the newly married couple can hang a contemporary botanical keepsake that marks their wedding day and be reminded of their special day.

botanical foraging-060


Both Virginia and I have loved putting our creative hands into this collaboration.  I am looking forward to August / September because my own wedding blooms will be in season and as it’s our 10th wedding anniversary approaching, Mr Edwards and I are treating ourselves to a retrospective Botanical Harmony series of prints as our gift to each other.

botanical foraging-073

You can come and see me at 9A Tory Street in Wellington, to have a look at some examples I have on the wall, or talk to me about your own commission.

Virginia also has some of her New Botanicals work on sale through the Poi Rooms in Auckland or her own website


All Images : © 2017 Yvette Edwards & Virginia Woods-Jack All Rights Reserved

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  1. …… love seeing your blog, the colourful images brighten my day – you should create some flowery screen savers so the world can start the day with that warm fuzzy feeling when they switch on 🙂


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