We’re closing … or are we?


It has been wonderful meeting with all the lovely plant lovers of Wellington over the last couple of months whilst we had the studio door open for plant sales. The diversity of plant lovers in the city has blown me away, from students to well-suited men and everything in between. It has been so much fun helping people choose their first plants as well adding to those more established urban jungles.

I did feel a bit sad on our last Sunday as we closed the door on the pop-up and pulled down the posters on Tory Street.  However, the feeling wasn’t long lived as I have lots to look forward to over the coming weeks. As we closed the door, we started discussing the possibility of a pop up on Cuba Street, too.

As the weeks flew past one of the lovely people I met in the space on Tory Street was the owner of Matchbox Studios on Cuba Street. Cherry was one of our more established plant buyers as she has quite a collection on the go and is a self-confessed plant lady. She spoke to me about coming over to their space for the duration of an exhibition they were putting on called “Flora and Fauna” and it just so happened that coincided with the closing of  Tory Street.

So here we are, the big announcement: We will be closing Tory Street whilst we work on something really exciting for you in the space but in the meantime, you can get your plant hit over at Matchbox Studios. I will be there for a few hours a day Friday, Saturday, and Sunday until 6th August by which time I hope Mr. E. has got his paintbrush out and got us all sorted for the big opening.

AND YES! Don’t worry there will be flowers involved, how could I not?




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