Desert Road : A Stylist’s Perspective

Each year I love getting involved in a few styled shoots in the downtime between weddings. it’s a great opportunity to review your current styling eye, try a few new things out and just make something floral for the fun of it.

For this particular shoot, our day started on the Desert Road, it was a beautiful day just as summer was ending and autumn was beginning, when the light is warm and the tussock grass was dry and faded. There was a dreamy inspiration behind this shoot, as we used Shakespeare’s character Ophelia from Hamlet as our muse.



Ophelia is like an angel in the play, so I used this story as inspiration for the watery colour scheme. Lilacs, blues, dusky pinks and, of course, she has to have some flowers in her hair. The story of Ophelia is a sad one, but the ethereal romance makes it the perfect inspiration for a bridal shoot. The otherworldly, desolate landscape of the central north island make a perfect backdrop for the shoot story and a lovely complement to the dresses from Daisy Brides by Katie Yeung.



Screen Shot 2017-07-13 at 12.05.09 PM.pnganarheaphoto28.jpg

For the florals, I chose to mix some that dried and some fresh, as I wanted to feel like the shoot florals were a part of the landscape and surroundings, and the choice for dried blooms captured that. I was pleased with mixing the dried and the fresh blooms, this a trend I think we will see more of in the next few wedding seasons. It’s not at all rustic and it takes a lot of work to get them looking nice enough to use when drying them and keeping them from looking like a bunch of flowers which passed their expiration date. For the fresh blooms, I wanted to have some lilacs, pinks and soft blue to depict the flowing river waters from the Ophelia story. Additional props were curated pieces with a Renaissance feel, some vintage items and handmade ceramics from Paige Jarman. The ceramics toned beautifully with the florals and also incorporated a watery line in the glaze.




My favorite part of the shoot would be the table centre which was shot sitting in a light mist and the large Protea came out especially well, they kept the shape and turned a lovely warm blush pink.  I have been so lucky to have blooms from some amazing growers this year and every time I use them it feels like each piece becomes as much about what I am creating as well as doing something that is meaningful to all their hard work.








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