Behind the Business : Cranfields

 cranfields 3

As Home and Lifestyle editor for Wellington Woman Magazine, not only have I had the chance to share some of my creative ideas with readers but I have had the pleasure of getting to meet some of the wonderful retailers of Wellington in person.

I have always loved the curated selection in Cranfields, it reminds me of the European styling I have grown up around in England, that and the name “Cranfields” is one of a village very close to where I am orginally from. They always have plenty to choose from in luxury materials like leather and pewter in timeless designs with style, plus there’s a little bit of the unexpected, such as the Jonathan Adler collection or the lion poof they had arrive this season. Meeting Nicola, owner, and curator, in the Johnston Street store is a little bit like being invited into her home, it’s always such a treat being shown around as she tells you about every item, who made it and where it is from. Nicola shares the same ethical philosophies of many of the small business I love, with the store being proudly awarded a conscious consumer award as well as marking their 25th birthday this year, so they have had lots of cause for celebrations. 

As one of the fabulous little businesses that gives Wellington its heartbeat, Cranfields and Nicola are the quintessential examples of what we want an independent retailer to be, and one which we are lucky to have in the city.

Meet Nicola:

Screen Shot 2017-08-10 at 1.59.06 PM.png

Are you from Wellington? Yes, I’ve lived here most of my life (except 10 years in Melbourne & London)

What’s your favourite suburb?  We live in Brooklyn and love the village community, walking through Central Park to get to work is a great start to the day.

What’s a Wellington secret that more people should know about?  The secret is, there are still some independent retailers left in the CBD, let’s give this secret some wings by shopping where it counts.

cranfields 2               

What do you do outside of work?  You can find me in the kitchen, maybe making sauerkraut or gluten free sourdough bread. I love whole foods and used to teach workshops at Commonsense Organics.

Where and how do you source your wares? More and more I source from NZ. We support local craftsmanship and want to know our makers. I supplement local pieces with our signature Italian pewter collection, jewellery from all over the globe and lovely woollens from Scotland.

cranfields 1         

Describe your business and how you want people to see it? Provenance and quality is integral, we want our customers to buy once. Cranfields prefers to stock items that have a heart and real story behind them.

What do you want to achieve in the next 12 months?  We’d like to get the word out we represent so many amazing NZ craftspeople!

cranfields 4

If you could share one piece of business advice what would it be? Be brave and it’s okay, even necessary to be an outlier

Tell us about keeping true to your brand? Keeping a long term focus; ensuring we stock items of beauty that are built to last a lifetime.


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