The New Studio

Screen Shot 2017-08-15 at 8.53.47 PM.pngI had so much fun holding the Botanical Pop Up in the space on Tory Street recently, staying on longer seemed like the right thing to do. Not only did I love meeting all the happy faces of the customers, but there was a lot around us to fuel my creative inspiration. Being surrounded by artists, cafes, boutiques, designers, craftsmen and so many other fabulous neighbourhood regulars made every day spent there glorious.

If you had been by the pop up I may have told you we were originally supposed to be in the space in December, and that when we were just about to haul everything in the council put up the cordon around the lower end of the street to demolish the cinema carpark after the Kaikoura earthquake. 9A Tory Street itself had weathered the shaking like the good old girl that she is, with only minor damage inside, like cracks in the plaster. We were disappointed and I missed out on being included in a book about flower lovers in their work spaces,  but what could we do but wait.

The next few months flew by as we worked our busy wedding season and as Easter approached the council were in touch and gave us the okay to move in. So the Botanical Pop Up popped up! The plants were so well received – it was a great opportunity to gather some information and come up with a grand plan to open more permanently.

Since the Botanical Pop Up closed, we have spent the last month getting everything ready to offer a wonderful experience to the people of Wellington in a very ‘YE’ kind of way.

opening 1.jpg

opening 2.jpg

The studio will be a very special place for the team and I. From there we will create beautiful flowers for weddings and events, host workshops, pot plants, style and design and we will be open the doors to everyone Thursday through Sunday. I will most likely be there working on the other days, so if you see the door open please come in. We will post the hours on the door and on our social media each week, but the times may vary slightly depending on where the team needs to be. Weddings, events and editorial styling take us here, there, and everywhere. This isn’t designed to be frustrating and we never want to miss you so you can always call to make an appointment – we’re a small business and that just means we can’t always be everywhere.

Amidst the beautiful decor of the studio, we will have a weekly selection of plants for you to style your interiors, and every so often we will get as many plants in as we can and create an urban jungle for the weekend.  Every Thursday to Sunday, unless sold out, I will have my Bloom Bar open. No, it’s not cocktails it’s better! The Bloom Bar will be my selection of the prettiest blooms of the week, all sold by the stem and arranged and wrapped in our studio by you. I decided on this unique way to sell flowers after thinking about how lovely it is to choose your own blooms, mix the colours and most of all decide how much you wanted to spend. The best part is you can keep them for yourself, give them to someone you love or brighten up your work space.

As the weeks go on I will be adding a few little extras here and there. I have some gorgeous Paige Jarman ceramics just delivered in time for the opening, these are all exclusive designs made for my studio and there is even a swish ”Yvette Edwards” stamped on the bottom. Oh, la la!

So please come in and say hello, select some blooms, take home a plant or just come for a look-see and a chat.

YE x


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