Introducing the Bloom Bar

If you have spent anytime at all with me or even been into the studio, you will know I love all things floral.  Mr.Edwards often tells me he thinks my head is full of flowers, I think he could be right if you added up all the names of blooms that I know, it probably has filled my head up.


I am often asked about flowers I have at home?  And to be really truthful I usually have a vase of either little bits and bobs or a vase of one stem.  So when I was thinking about how I could include florals into the studio I came up with the Bloom Bar.  Everything is sold by the stem, so you can buy just one or two or three pretty blooms, or of course you are welcome to choose an armful.  My thoughts are that means you never have an excuse not to have flowers, even if it’s just a few as some stems are $1.  The other fabulous thing is you can pick some up and take a pretty selection along to meet friends for brunch, give a little thank you to someone at work or gift some for no reason at all to make someone’s day.


Each week I carefully curate a selection of my favourite blooms and lush foliage to fill the workbench and then you can come in for a floral fix and select your own stems.  Some blooms I choose to last for a longer time in your vase and some just because they are the prettiest thing on the planet and we can help you put something together or you can get creative and have a go yourself.


So if you haven’t been in yet come along and say hello! and peruse my curated collections of indoor plants, blooms and botanical inspired pieces.

YE x

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