Spring Tips for Indoor House Plants

Spring is here and the warmer days are well on their way.  The warmer days and longer daylight hours bring a new growing season for your indoor house plants.  This is the time of year that your plants really begin to thrive and become a bit more lively after the sleepy, cold winter months. Just like having a good spring-clean of your house; your plants love a bit more attention and TLC to set them up for their active-growing period. Open your windows, open your doors and let the beautiful warm spring air into your house, not just for you, but for the plants too.  The team and I have been talking to all the botanical lovers in the studio about all the good things to do at this time of year and Hannah, who you can meet in the studio on Saturday’s, has written down some of our helpful hints to share with you. 

BeFunky Collage

Spring is a good time to feed your plants, as they will be hungry after a dormant winter period.  In the studio we sell organic neem oil fertiliser.  This product is made using natural emulsifiers, which means it is chemical free, and consists of raw and cold pressed neem oil and seaweed.  The neem oil insecticide is great for scaring away those nasty little pests and insects that like to hang around your plants in spring and is best used if you have infestation to tend to.  Plus all the products are non-toxic, so it is safe for you and the environment. 

Now that your houseplants are waking up from their winter sleep they will need a bit more attention.  Below are some tips for a bit of spring care.

Re-homing or Re-potting:  Spring is the time of year when your plants love to be re-potted, as they can become quite root-bound or pot-bound over the winter months.  Re-potting into a new slightly bigger pot is a great idea to provide the extra room for their spring growth spurt.  If the roots have become root-bound, gently loosen some of the roots so that they are free to generate some new growth.  Always water well after re-potting.

Image: Urban Jungle Blog

Spring feeding and fertilising:  Your indoor plants will likely be quite hungry after a cold, dark winter, so fertilising is so important to help keep them healthy and growing strong.  It is best to fertilise most plants bi-weekly to give them the beneficial nutrients they need to grow.

Fresh air:  As you begin to go outdoors more in the warmer weather, your plants will love it too.  It is a great idea to set your plants outside on warmer days every once in a while to get some fresh air and sun rays.  Be careful not to leave them outside because the temperature at night will be too cold for their little leaves.  Bring in at night for the best results.

Images: House Plant Club

Watering:  In spring keeping an eye on your plants soil is essential.  The soil is likely to dry out faster as the air gets warmer so, regular checks and watering is key to healthy plant survival.  Add water if the soil becomes dry to the touch.  However, be careful not to over-water, you don’t want to drown your little plants.


Image: Virginia Woods-Jack

Propagation:  Spring is also a great time to try your hand at propagating plants.  Over winter your plants may develop a few weak or leggy growths.  Trim these back to help encourage new growth.  With the cuttings have a go at propagating your plant cuttings to create new plants for your home.


We love talking plants in the studio and you are always welcome to come in to 9A Tory St. and we will try our best to help you with any trouble you are having.

YE x

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