The Studio

Nestled on the ground floor of the prettiest building in Wellington is The Studio.  We have created a neighborhood stop-in, a place where you can look forward to visiting or be excited to discover for the first time; a lush oasis in the city where you can come to be inspired and always feel welcome.


Image : Virginia Woods-Jack

People tell us we have the best selection of indoor plants in the city. We are fabulous at tracking down hard to find plants and love to help you find the right plant to style your space and make sure you leave with some care notes.


The Bloom Bar, often stocked with unusual, foraged or garden treasures, is where you can curate your own selection of beautiful blooms and foliage.   Everything is sold by the stem so you never need an excuse to buy flowers and leave with a gorgeous handful for you or a friend to style at home. Whether you choose armful or a single stem, we just love you to enjoy our florals how you like to.



Image : Bear Deer Fox

Officially open Wednesday to Sunday, everyone is welcome any time the door is open to soak up the botanical atmosphere or just say “hello”.  You will often find us with a pretty, floral mess on the floor from the latest wedding or commercial installation we’re creating or lush, green plants spilling out of their boxes and on to the street, this is our work-space and we love sharing it with you.

We are constantly inspired by our vibrant and creative neighborhood.  The Studio is located at 9A Tory Street and I invite you to pop in any time to tell us what you are looking for and how we can help.



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