We typically have more than 300 botanicals styled through our urban jungle in the heart of the city along with some ‘planty’ extras. We are regularly complimented by visitors on the variety we have in our collection and we love sharing, all but a few rare “studio display plants”, with you. Our botanicals range from small desktop gems through to large statement plants and our selection changes throughout the month.

We are fabulous at tracking down hard to find plants and love to help you find the right botanical to style your space and make sure you leave with easy to follow care notes and our favourite tips. We encourage you to bring in pictures of where you would like to add something lush, either for work or home spaces and step by step we can talk you through our suggestions and recommendations.

If you already know what you are looking for or would like to arrange sending one of our botanicals as a gift, you can browse and shop our online selection here

To add yourself to one of our wish lists for those rare collector’s plants contact us and we will let you know when we can source the “one” that you are after.

I am proud we are the only independent plant shop in the city centre and I love that we are styling every corner we can with something green for offices, villas, apartments and other small businesses. Whether it’s your first plant or you have found space for just one more, the team and I adore seeing everyone for plant shopping in The Studio and just as much we love carefully packaging up a box to send with the courier.

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