About Yvette

It all started quite some time ago, far away on the other side of the world where I met Mr Edwards, a bow-tie wearing student, and with his encouragement  I began following my dreams of working with flowers and botanicals.

After a number of years, commuting to work for hours each and every day, Mr E. and I thought it could be amazing to get married and move to New Zealand, so we did.

Image : Greta Kenyon

Of course I wanted to find a way to continue working with the things I love in my new home of Wellington and for a while I worked behind the scenes from a workshop in Island Bay.  We did lots of weddings from that little workshop and after a trip to Brussels I felt really inspired to have something in the city where we could see more of people, surround ourselves with lush plants and let people have more from us day to day, and not just on those special occasions.

Image : Benjamin and Elise

My travel and lifestyle editorial work is something I started as a personal project and now sits in perfectly with our creative works.  As a creative, travel is an important fuel for the soul and I have always enjoyed connecting with people from all walks of life, and always look forward to working away from home.

I am constantly exploring ways to make what we offer the very best available and deliver to the highest standards, at the same time reducing the impact on our beautiful world where we can and appreciating all that we have around us.

Image : Julia Trotti

Having any business is an adventure and  I am very excited to be on this journey with an amazing team and the irreplaceable Mr Edwards along for the ride.


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